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Leading transport and logistics solutions provider. From single loads to full logistics management, X2 operates an extensive partner network and own fleet to provide a flexible, scalable nationwide solution tailored to customer-specific needs.

Why work with us

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Who are we?

  • One stop shop Transport & Logistics Company operating right across the UK.
  • Fully Independent owned and operated by its management team
  • Reducing your workload and your overheads
  • Providing dedicated core fleet operations or flexible pay-as-you-go
  • Delivering your products, tracked and on-time 24/7
  • Mix of own operated fleet and 4PL services through extensive partner networks
  • Flexible, cost effective, low overhead solutions

See what our customers think...

X2 (UK)’s 4PL solution was an excellent fit for our needs, providing the flexibility and scalability of a multi haulier solution without the complexities of managing multiple supplier relationships. This makes our life simpler by providing a reliable service, reducing costs and overheads and ultimately, giving us a competitive advantage.

The X2 (UK) team demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business, which rapidly resulted in a smooth, seamless implementation. This is something we truly value. We enjoy working with them and look forward to building a long-standing partnership.

Adam Spaull - Commercial Operations Manager - ADM Oils

Sectors that we work in

  • Manufacturers
  • Food and Drink Retailers
  • Non-food Retailers
  • Automotive
  • Parcel and Pallet Networks
  • Logistics companies
  • Wholesalers Importers and Forwarders
  • Specialist services

From anywhere to anywhere in the UK and Ireland

We are your one stop shop from anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Providing you with accurate up to date delivery, fast, safe, tracked and at a competitive cost.

Our experience allows us to manage as much, or as little of your process that you need us to. From a motorbike to a 44 ton artic, you can relax in the knowledge we will have you covered!

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General Questions

Can you help avoid problems arising from the Driver Shortage?

Yes as a 4PL with access to multiple asset pools in multiple locations we are uniquely placed to circumvent transport shortages arising from the well-publicised driver shortage which unfortunately is set to deteriorate further.  

Can you provide solutions based on backhaul?

True available backhaul at marginal or minimal rates where the original delivery is funding the round trip, is becoming rarer and rarer as customers are no longer prepared to fund this level of inefficiency in their supply chains. However, we pride ourselves in wherever possible matching this marginally costed resource with our customer’s activity and passing back this efficiency within our rate structures.  

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Why a 4PL?

Can you help me reduce my carbon footprint?

We can indeed. We provide a service to assess your current footprint using our carbon calculator and then employ our transport consultancy services to identify more efficient ways of servicing your customers. This could include moving away from a dedicated two-way solution, to a one-way or a shared user solution where you dilute your carbon footprint by working with other organisations through X2.

Can you provide a one stop shop for all my transport requirements?

Yes we can. We can provide a national service for all your transport requirements from full loads, to part loads to pallets and even parcels if required.  We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and can also provide full load and part load services to and from mainland Europe.  

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History & ownership of X2

How independent are you?

We are completely independent of any external agreements or affiliations.

Are you affiliated to any particular organisations?

No, we are an entirely independent organisation so we are free to work with organisations which are the best match to our customer’s requirements. 

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