3 ways to achieve efficient logistics

Jan 12, 2023

Despite many challenges over the last few years which are impacting businesses even now, X2 has strong and steadfast solutions to help you achieve efficient logistics. 


By understanding the fundamentals of logistical and haulage solutions, you’ll see the scalability of your business. We’ve put together three top tips that always prove imperative when modelling up your logistics. 


Load being loaded in to lorry for logistics solutions

How can logistics help enable a business?


Being able to recognise the importance of logistics in business allows your company to increase its efficiency which results in growth.

Here are the main reasons why scaling up your logistics solution can impact growth greatly. 


  • lower costs 
  • better inventory control 
  • smarter use of warehouse space
  • increased customer and supplier satisfaction
  • improved customer experience
  • overview of the supply chain from start to finish 
  • faster response time to demand, delivery, and collection changes


Challenges that have impacted logistics


Unsurprisingly, labour shortages are affecting every corner of our economy, especially logistics. In hand with this, the industry has powered through the impact of Brexit, Covid-19, and now an economic crisis. 


The cost-of-living crisis has no doubt affected demand in many sectors. Surprisingly, the balance of resources is often still out of step even with that reduced demand which in turn is creating pinch points in supply chains. 


The driver shortage really rears its head when you’re operating from a single provider instead of having a multiple 3PL or 4PL solution established. Having the support and management skills of a logistic enterprise means there’s a constant and reliable flow in your chain from start to finish. 

We don’t want you to miss out on a single opportunity in that demand cycle and sometimes it comes down to specific areas such as final mile transportation and communication. 


At X2, we’ve put together a list of the top three logistics solutions that will help boost your business this year.


Woman in logistics organises warehouse


3 ways to achieve efficient logistics 


These three tips have been industry proven and help aid the complexities of any sector’s supply chain. 


Have reliable and responsive transportation management


Just ask ADM Commercial Operations Manager who invested in an X2 4PL solution that delivered exactly what they said it would.


X2’s 4PL solution was an excellent fit for our needs, providing the flexibility and scalability of a multi-haulier solution without the complexities of managing multiple supplier relationships. This makes our life simpler by providing a reliable service, reducing costs and overheads, and ultimately, giving us a competitive advantage.

The X2 team demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business, which rapidly resulted in a smooth, seamless implementation. This is something we truly value. We enjoy working with them and look forward to building a long-standing partnership’.


Have scalability on your side 


With the ability to support customers from 1 load a day to 100s of loads a week, a 4PL solution has immense scalability allowing your demand to be completely satisfied. 


4PL will support you with every vehicle type imaginable. With a pay-as-you-go payment basis, there’ll be no sleepless nights thinking about how you are going to be able to manage increases in orders. 


You’ll absolutely know the importance of being able to scale up your resources quickly when times are good. Equally, you need to be able to reduce resource and eliminate costs when volume falls away. 


At X2, we refer to our flexibility to scale up and down as ‘the dimmer switch’. Need to scale up? We can. Need to scale down? No problem. 


Be able to reach every part of the UK and beyond 


If you need to transport your goods and products all around the UK and perhaps also into Europe, there’s no need to use multiple haulers to achieve this. Use a one-stop solution. 


The hassle of organising and communicating across departments and companies often leads to breakdowns in communications as well as reducing that imperative drive we want your logistics team to feel. 


Logistical solutions designed for you 


Why not get in touch with us at X2 and explore our solutions which could help you take your business to the next level and make your life that much easier? Our highly experienced advisors are available to discuss your logistics needs with reasonable cost in mind. Discover how X2 could help your business soar today and give us a call today at 01455 220909.