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Adapting to changes in Logistics sector post Brexit

By Ady | Apr, 29, 2021 | Latest News

Following the departure of Britain from the European Union, several headlines dominated the media. Exporters of perishable goods unable to deliver in time due to new complex declarations, issues with commodity codes and customs declarations, shippers temporarily stopping deliveries from Great Britain to the European Continent and Ireland to name a few.

Goods going into the Republic of Ireland from Britain resulted in hauliers and importers in Ireland struggling to deal with customs regulations and border checks after the introduction of border controls on UK imports.

Many industry sectors reported facing additional paperwork, customs formalities, transport delays and disruption to delivery schedules. These changes imposed additional costs on businesses, putting pressure on manufacturers to absorb these costs which will ultimately lead to higher prices for consumers.

Hauliers are seeking new routes between Ireland and the EU to avoid the UK due to the additional customs checks and delays. News reports show long lines of trucks at the borders and in the ports that link Great Britain to mainland Europe.

In January exports plummeted by 41% and imports by 29% as the UK’s departure from the EU’s single market had a major impact.

To facilitate trade, minimise disruptions for businesses and avoid shortages, the UK has so far delayed the implementation of checks at its border, announcing that checks, which were meant to be introduced on April 1st, would not come into force until July.

The locations of England’s eight new freeports were announced in March

Now the UK has left the EU, the development of free ports, according to Brexit supporters, will offer greater flexibility to set up low tax economic areas.

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