Streamlined logistics solutions for the automotive industry

With over 800,000 employees, the automotive sector is a major pillar of the UK economy that accounts for over £70 billion annually through the export of vehicles and parts.  

Operating on a global scale, it’s an industry that sources parts from manufacturers worldwide.

The industry’s dependence on global supply chains, however, exposes it to a range of risks—from transport disruptions to trade disputes—highlighting the need for dependable logistics strategies that mitigate supply risk effectively. With a shift toward electric vehicles, a rise in customization demand, and the need to reduce emissions further complicating the terrain, these factors necessitate adaptability and responsiveness to maintain effective supply chain operations.

Flexibility and scalability

With our variable pay-as-you-go cost structure, you’ll only pay for the services you require, avoiding any unnecessary expenses during periods of low demand. This approach ensures optimal cost-effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to adapt seamlessly to changing business conditions without being tied down by fixed costs or unused resources.

Contract options

Select the contract option that best aligns with your needs, whether it’s a formal contract, an RHA agreement, or a basic agreement. Understanding that every business operates differently, we offer the flexibility needed to ensure our solutions meet your specific operational requirements and preferences.

Shared asset pool

At X2 (UK), you gain access to a vast shared asset pool, encompassing both vehicles and skilled drivers. This wide resource pool acts as a safeguard against potential disruptions, reducing the risk of a single point of failure. As a result, we maintain resilience in the face of any challenges that may affect the industry, such as driver shortages.

Streamlined communication

With a single point of contact and a unified invoice system, administrative tasks become simplified, saving you time and money. This approach ensures clear and effective communication channels, enabling smoother coordination and enhanced operational efficiency.

X2’s 4PL solution was an excellent fit for our needs, providing the flexibility and scalability of a multi haulier solution without the complexities of managing multiple supplier relationships. This makes our life simpler by providing a reliable service, reducing costs and overheads and ultimately, giving us a competitive advantage.

The X2 team demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business, which rapidly resulted in a smooth, seamless implementation. This is something we truly value. We enjoy working with them and look forward to building a long-standing partnership.

Adam Spaull

Commercial Operations Manager, ADM Oils

We support

● Suppliers to automotive
● Car manufacturers
● Packaging suppliers
● LLP logistics companies

Our automotive services

X2 (UK)’s streamlined automotive logistics solutions are precisely tailored to the needs of each client. Our services include: .

Parts collection services

Use of customer IT scanning system for ASN notification

Repatriation of reusable packaging

Feeding lineside

One-way haulage

Traction with or without trailers

UBox, curtain side, and tail-lift trailers

Same-day emergency couriers

European collections

On-site shunting

The X2 (UK) advantage

With an operational process characterised by flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, we allow companies in the automotive sector to manage complex logistics with ease and confidence, adapting to industry trends with greater speed and mitigating risks more effectively.


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