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The X2 (UK) advantage

For businesses requiring time-sensitive delivery solutions, X2 (UK) offers the peace of mind that comes with extensive experience, cutting-edge technology, and vast resources. With our commitment to precision and reliability, we guarantee prompt and secure delivery every time—affordably.

Businesses rely on courier services to keep their operations running smoothly 24/7.

While these rapid delivery services play a key role in the timely movement of everything from urgent medical goods to time-sensitive legal documents, running a smooth and reliable courier operation presents significant challenges.

From vehicle breakdowns and poor communication to a lack of real-time monitoring and inadequate customer service, guaranteeing the prompt arrival of an urgent delivery is no easy task. When you add complex delivery networks and the need for regulatory compliance to the equation, businesses need a courier service they know they can rely on.

X2 (UK): The dependable courier solution :

At X2 (UK), our extensive network of independent couriers enables us to provide swift and secure delivery for urgent consignments across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Whether it’s same-day emergency deliveries or sample shipments, we offer competitive rates and diverse vehicle options to ensure dependable and efficient transportation..

Fast, efficient, and competitive

Merging speed and reliability with affordability, we deliver cost-effective courier solutions that meet any requirements.

Complimentary or stand-alone services

Our courier solutions are tailored to your needs, whether you require them as a standalone service or part of a larger strategy

Single-call convenience

Ordering courier services from X2 (UK) is an easy process that involves a single call, ensuring prompt response and delivery

Fully managed services

With centralised control tower management delivering real-time monitoring and coordination, we always know where your delivery is.

Personalised flexibility

Combining the attention to detail of smaller companies with the vast resources of a nationwide operation, X2 (UK) delivers a tailored and powerful courier service.

Access to multiple asset pools

Our 24/7 access to a vast pool of delivery resources allows us to guarantee reliable and prompt deliveries every time.

Our courier services

X2 (UK)’s courier services cater to a wide range of industries, including automotive, FMCG, fashion, electronics, and online retail. From transporting critical components to delivering samples, we support businesses across various sectors with our reliable courier solutions.

● Small consignment movement planning, next-day delivery, and same-day emergency delivery
● Immediate response via our vast network of owner-drivers
● Competitive rates to any location nationwide
● Rapid motorcycle courier delivery and sprinter vans
● Extensive vehicle options, including long wheelbase, sprinters, Luton vans, and 7.5-ton
● Comprehensive functionality including box, curtainside, ambient, and refrigerated options
● UK, Ireland, and European network
● Sample delivery service
● Mistrunked and misdirected consignment services
● Parcel shop collections