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The X2 (UK) advantage

Among the key benefits of partnering with X2 (UK) is our ability to offer consolidated shipping which can result in significant cost savings for our clients. This approach optimises transportation resources, reduces administration, and streamlines logistics, minimising border delays.

Our proactive problem-solving and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction further sets us apart in the industry, providing our clients with consistently high-grade service and support. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, X2 (UK) stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimise their supply chain operations and enhance overall performance.

Through our tailored solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction, we allow clients to navigate the complexities of European logistics cost-effectively and with ease.

Navigating European road freight post-Brexit presents various challenges, including customs clearance and T1 forms, with a reduction in cross-channel activity resulting in resource scarcity and increased costs.

The shifting landscape has necessitated a reevaluation of logistics strategies to ensure efficient and cost-effective cross-border transportation. Amidst these challenges, X2 (UK) has emerged as a trusted partner, delivering reliable solutions to businesses engaged in importing or exporting goods from Europe.

X2 (UK): The gateway to Europe

At X2 (UK), we provide a flexible and affordable pay-as-you-go service, ensuring that businesses can adapt to changing demands and lessen the financial strain of their logistics operations. Our comprehensive range of services includes the export of road freight to all main European countries and the import of mainland European freight to the UK.

Whether you require full loads, part loads, pallet transportation, or courier services, we have the cost-effective answer for you. X2 (UK) offers assistance with customs clearance and the preparation and execution of T1 forms, streamlining the import and export process and minimising delays at borders.

With an extensive network of partners spanning across European countries, we efficiently service all mainland destinations. Along with our flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model, X2 (UK) can scale quickly to cope with seasonal fluctuations, providing businesses with the agility needed to respond effectively to market conditions. With our experienced team well-versed in European trade regulations and procedures, we ensure compliance and efficiency every step of the way.