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Major transport headaches and how X2 can ease the pain

By DanRH | Nov, 23, 2022 | Latest News

By now, we’ve all heard more than enough about what ‘unprecedented times’ we’re living in. It’s clear the 2020s are going to be anything but normal, and that includes the challenges that logistics large have to contend with throughout 2022.

What are the biggest challenges of UK logistics 2020’s?

Impact of the pandemic

As illness takes frontline workers unawares, even if they’re taking the utmost precautions, absences in the workplace are having ripple effects throughout the value chain.

Brexit Aftermath & critical labour shortages
Following Brexit over 200,000 European nationals departed the UK in 2020. This naturally triggered an extreme shortage of staff leading to the much talked about shortage of truck drivers.

IR 35

The new rules have a significant impact on the engagement of drivers where these are supplied through intermediaries

eCommerce Boom

The growth of eCommerce has had a significant impact on the logistics sector, requiring companies to adapt their operations in order to meet the needs of online shoppers.

A 4PL model spreads the risk of all the above by deploying resources from multiple partners, collated together from all UK postcodes, providing access to primary and returning vehicle flows.