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Moving warehouse? X2 can help

By Ady | Jan, 16, 2021 | Latest News

Not a daily occurrence, but sometimes a decision is made or forced upon businesses to relocate their premises. Tough enough when it’s just a commercial premises but if it’s a warehouse and there is a significant amount of inventory to move it’s a real headache for the manager responsible for making it happen.

Even if they have their own fleet at their disposal it is unlikely to have the available capacity to make the move and the sheer complexity in trying to optimise labour at the despatch and receiving depots will be a challenge to say the least? However, for X2 switching on the resources required and managing the collection and delivery to the new warehouse is entirely straightforward.

We recently relocated 7,000 pallets from one warehouse 2 ½ miles down the road to another over a four week period. The same apples for any one off items such as a product launch, recalls, co-pack movements, and stock clearances.