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Need additional support for your existing operations?

Services we supply our customers with

Our traction only, or traction with trailer services are assisting numerous companies across the UK to support their customers. We can service your all-year-round daily operations flexing with your volumes or equally support your seasonal peak demands, product launches, or one off projects.

Vehicle and driver work to your plan like an extension to your own fleet. Imagine the ability to flex to match your volume demand with one phone call either to increase or decrease your commitment.

  • Whether it’s one or two vehicles a day, or 150 a day, we have the reach and scale to support.
  • Our national network allows us to support all your sites, in every part of the country with one phone call.

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Customers we support with Traction services



We support some of the largest names in Grocery Retail food and non-food retail with their operations right across the county from London and the Southeast to Scotland:

  • Undertaking store deliveries from Local Distribution Centres to the retail back door
  • Feeding stock from National Distribution slow moving goods centres to regional DC’s
  • Making supplier collections to return to DC’s and NDC’s
  • Moving delivery media and trailers
On-line retailers and parcel carriers

On-line retailers and parcel carriers

  • From Hub to delivery depot
  • Making supplier collections
  • Primary to secondary depot movements
  • Operating day and night trunking 5, 6 and 7 days a week


  • Making collections of raw materials and packaging
  • Managing movements to and from Co-packers
  • Making deliveries to customer sites
  • Managing all booking in requirements and POD’s
Pallet networks

Pallet networks

  • Executing bay clearances
  • Managing movement of stock from Hub to delivery depot
  • Undertaking supplier collections
  • Providing C&D delivery Support
Logistics companies

Logistics companies

  • Providing support to your core fleet operations
  • Making retail deliveries for your customers
  • Providing you with Trunking support
  • Giving Seasonal support
  • Providing resources to mitigate against the Driver shortage
Seasonal support

Seasonal support

  • Providing Christmas Peak support
  • Delivering Summer products nationwide
  • Providing Holiday seasonal cover
  • Mitigating national Resource challenges

Benefits for our customers

  • All year-round support flexible resource
  • Add in resources at certain times of the day or days of the week
  • We can supply from a couple of vehicles a day to well over 100 a day
  • No parked-up resource or residual cost for you to pay
  • Dimmer switch – fully on -fully off, or anywhere in between

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Traction Services

What are traction services?

Traction services are used when your business requires extra vehicles and drivers to support your operations. This additional resource acts as an extension of your own fleet. Traction services can be flexible and scalable to meet demand.

What is traction-only haulage?

Traction-only haulage is where only a tractor unit and driver is supplied to transport your own trailers usually on a dedicated basis for one customer.

What are the benefits of traction services?

Traction services allow businesses to be flexible to meet varying levels of demand. From seasonal peaks to one-off projects, traction services can scale from a few vehicles a day to hundreds of vehicles a day.

Traction services save you the cost of investing in a larger fleet when it may not be necessary. Quieter times for your business could mean that extra vehicles are sat unused. With traction services, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

How much do traction services cost?

The cost of traction services depends on numerous factors, such as the number of vehicles and drivers you require, how long you need support, location, mileages covered, the type of work and the time of year. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and competitive prices. X2UK is highly responsive and scalable to suit your needs. 

To get a quote for traction services, contact us using our enquiry form, call 01455 220909 or email ask@x2uk.com