Specialist Services

Tailored logistics solutions beyond the ordinary

Specialist delivery solutions pose unique challenges, particularly in sectors like healthcare and hazardous materials transportation, where precision, safety, and compliance are vital.

At X2 (UK), we deliver expertly tailored solutions that address these challenges effectively, providing specialised transportation services designed to meet the unique requirements of a diverse range of industries. From dedicated medical equipment transport to waste and recycling logistics, our team ensures the safe and efficient delivery of specialised goods and materials.

X2 (UK): The simple solution to complex logistics problems

ALeveraging advanced technologies and adhering to stringent protocols, we guarantee the integrity of every shipment. With a flexible strategy allowing us to adapt to changing needs or circumstances, we deliver customised solutions that optimise efficiency and minimise risk at every stage of the transportation process.

Industries we regularly support:


The transportation of medical equipment is an intricate process that requires specific knowledge and attention to detail. Our highly experienced team has the expertise needed to ensure secure and punctual delivery of critical equipment. From meticulous packing to dependable delivery, X2 (UK) our specialised team covers every aspect of the process with precision, guaranteeing reliability every time.


When a supply chain is catering to a patient’s well-being, it’s critical that deliveries are made swiftly and dependably. With X2 (UK), you can expect complete visibility and meticulous quality assurance throughout the entire journey, ensuring that vital medications reach their destinations promptly and safely.

Hazardous materials

We specialise in safe, efficient, and compliant logistics for hazardous materials. With extensive expertise in the field, we tailored specific solutions that ensure full compliance and peace of mind throughout the transportation process.


We excel at eco-friendly waste transportation, ensuring timely and sustainable practices. With expertise in various waste and recycling categories, including electrical waste and plastics, we guarantee safe and responsible transportation from start to finish.

X2’s 4PL solution was an excellent fit for our needs, providing the flexibility and scalability of a multi haulier solution without the complexities of managing multiple supplier relationships. This makes our life simpler by providing a reliable service, reducing costs and overheads and ultimately, giving us a competitive advantage.

The X2 team demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business, which rapidly resulted in a smooth, seamless implementation. This is something we truly value. We enjoy working with them and look forward to building a long-standing partnership.

Adam Spaull

Commercial Operations Manager, ADM Oils

The specialist services

we provide include:

● Regional collections of waste plastic for delivery into recycling centres UK-wide
● Same-day /next-day courier services
● Full load movements of PPE/medical equipment
● Collection of clinical waste for incineration
● Transportation of packaged hazardous goods (excluding class 1 – explosives)
● Import/export customs clearance
● Access to DGSA services

The X2 (UK) advantage

With a focus on precisely tailored solutions and stringent quality standards, we ensure the safe and efficient transportation of specialist goods. Merging expertise and reliability with technology and flexibility, we offer a transportation solution that delivers significant peace of mind. .

Rapid response times

Whether it’s a time-sensitive situation or a unique transportation requirement, our agile team ensures that shipments are handled promptly and efficiently, minimising disruptions and meeting deadlines effectively.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

At X2 (UK), we prioritise cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability in all our transport solutions. By optimising routes and maximising resource utilisation, we deliver transportation solutions that are as environmentally friendly as they are affordable.

Extensive pool of resources

With a vast network of resources and strategic partnerships, X2 (UK) has the capability to accommodate short-notice and time-critical deliveries with ease. Whether it’s specialised equipment, dedicated vehicles, or urgent transport solutions, our extensive network enables us to meet a client’s specialist needs efficiently and reliably.

Variable pay-as-you-go cost structure

We offer a flexible pay-as-you-go cost structure, allowing clients to pay only for the services they need. This variable pricing model eliminates long-term commitments and unnecessary expenses, providing clients with cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements. With X2 (UK), clients have the flexibility to scale their transport services according to demand fluctuations, minimising costs and maximising value.


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