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The X2 (UK) advantage

X2 (UK) combines the agility and responsiveness of a smaller company with the resources of a large corporation, offering businesses the best of both worlds. From attention to detail and exceptional customer service, to our powerful transport network comprising over 1,000 partners, we deliver flexible, cost-effective transportation solutions that cater to any need.

You’ll have 24/7 access to our vast asset pool and a network of partners that spans every postcode across the British Isles and Europe. X2 (UK) makes sure businesses can find the exact solution they need with just a single phone call.

Thanks to our pay-as-you-go model, there’s no need for complex contracts and costly commitments, streamlining the process even further. Your business stays responsive and ready to go, delivering ultimate scalability and flexibility to meet any fluctuating volumes cost-effectively.

In recent years, UK businesses have faced disruptions to their operations on an unprecedented scale.

While the impact of global events (e.g. the pandemic) may be behind us, it highlighted how important it is that companies stay flexible in the face of social and economic change.

X2 (UK)’s subcontractor services plug businesses directly into a nationwide network of partners, so they can quickly and effortlessly scale their operations up or down as needed. Whether you need to ramp up operations to meet increased demand, or streamline resources during quieter periods, our pay-as-you-go model allows your business to adapt with minimal cost overhang.

Our subcontract services:

Using our network of partners, X2 (UK) offers any size and configuration of vehicle and caters to any demand – from one load a week to over 100. Our service covers all geographical areas, making us an efficient one-stop shop. Businesses can quickly adapt to our model without having to deal with multiple hauliers, contracts or logistical complications.

● Full loads nationwide to all destinations
● Maximum payload 44-ton artics
● Curtainsiders, standard and tall trailers
● Ambient boxes with or without tail lift
● Temperature controlled for chilled and frozen goods
● Single drop and multidrop delivery
● 26-ton, 18-ton, 12-ton, and 7.5-ton rigids
● Sprinters and 35 cwt vans
● Pay-as-you-go one-way pricing
● Traction and tramping operations
● Support by region or by the specific transport lane

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