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The Impact of COVID-19 & X2’s Adaptive Thinking

By Ady | Feb, 16, 2021 | Latest News

The global pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for the logistics sector and arguably the world’s first circumstance of the supply chain being impacted enmasse. Global manufacturing in China was first to feel the impact, being the epicentre of the pandemic and being a major consumer & producer of products, whilst having a knock on effect after travel restrictions were implemented worldwide.

In the UK, land transport has been key to keep the country going throughout the nationwide lockdown. This as a result has meant that there has been an overwhelming ecommerce boom to help consumers utilise contact-free delivery options and utmost convenience. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) reported that 61.9% of all non-food retail sales that took place in May 2020 were online, an increase of 31.4% from 2019.

X2 UK Ltd have implemented a range of new services to pivot and adapt our offerings to meet the needs of customers, including European services and alternative modes of transport.

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