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The X2 (UK) advantage

At X2 (UK), we differentiate ourselves by not only providing consultancy services but also delivering real-world solutions that address any inefficiencies identified. With our team of transport specialists bringing a wealth of operational and management experience to the table, we develop high-performing solutions that are tailored to the precise nature and needs of your business

Logistics operations involve a lot of moving parts, with the efficiency of any single element impacting the entire system.

Transport consultants analyse your existing logistic infrastructure from the ground up, identifying opportunities to improve efficiency, optimise performance and reduce costs. From enhancing existing distribution networks to advising on logistics strategies for new operations or expansions, a knowledgeable consultant provides not just valuable insights but actionable solutions.

Playing a distinctly different role from logistics managers, consultants offer a unique skill set essential for strategic planning and optimisation. Seasoned consultants blend operational expertise with strong analytical skills, enabling them to dissect complex logistics challenges effectively. By combining practical experience with analytical acumen, transport consultants provide valuable guidance, helping businesses streamline their and drive success.

X2 (UK): Real-world expertise you can depend on:

A no-fee consultancy service

With over 20 years of experience providing flexible 24/7 road transport solutions for retailers, manufacturers, and logistics companies, we’ve learned a thing or two about running a successful logistics operation.

Our team of transport consultants will perform a thorough review of your existing operation and cost structure, identifying areas for improvement and delivering actionable solutions. From logistics network optimisation to supply chain strategy development, we provide expert guidance that helps our clients achieve the tangible results they’re looking for.

At X2 (UK), we believe in providing value to our clients without adding financial burden, which is why we offer a complimentary scoping day to assess potential improvements and efficiencies in your operations.  In this way, we help support businesses of all sizes to enhance their efficiency and achieve their goals.

With our commitment extending beyond initial assessments, our team continuously seeks opportunities for improvement and delivers solutions to match. With X2 (UK), you can expect dedicated support and cost-effective results that drive continuous improvement across your entire supply chain.