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Transport services for the Automotive logistics market

By Ady | Apr, 24, 2015 | Latest News, Uncategorized

X2 are now providing one of the country’s leading logistics companies with dedicated transport resources supporting one of their global automotive clients. Initially providing five vehicles at the start of the last quarter of 2014, this fleet has now doubled in size and is set to increase further as volumes increase with new model releases. The fleet of ten 44 ton artics and tallboy specialist trailers work across the country all week collecting and delivering parts from the customers suppliers delivering into storage, consolidation and sequencing centres. The cost of supplying these services is supported by double shifting a high proportion of equipment carrying out night trunking operations for other customers and hence;spreading the fixed cost elements between a number of customers.

Our unique proposition of own dedicated resource intensively utilised; married to our flexible pay as you go 4PL solutions, allows up to flex resources with our customers to exactly match their volume profile whilst providing the core operations at an extremely competitive pricing structure.  If you would like to discuss X2 supporting your business with a similar solution please get in touch!