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At X2 (UK), we prioritise efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, delivering trunking services that offer maximum value to our clients. Our experienced team ensures seamless coordination and timely execution of all our trunking operations, with solutions tailored to the specific needs of the varied customers we partner with. With X2 (UK) streamlining depot-to-depot transport operations, we improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance your overall supply chain performance..

Trunking services offer a structured and efficient way to transport goods between depots or hubs, providing a reliable solution for businesses with regular delivery routes.

Unlike tramping, which involves flexible and non-scheduled transportation, trunking operations follow a set route on trunk roads, motorways, and dual carriageways, hence the name.

HGV trunking often involves multi-drop deliveries as well as single-drop, covering both long and short-haul routes, and may involve night driving. These trips typically occur daily, without overnight stays, and follow consistent routes between regular locations. With trunking services ultimately enhancing logistics provider efficiency, they allow businesses to meet customer service commitments far more effectively.

X2 (UK): The flexible trunking solution :

X2 (UK)’s trunking services cater to businesses operating depot networks, offering a flexible alternative to owning a core fleet, and providing fleet support during peak demand periods.
Whether you require a supply of units and drivers only or complete solutions with trailers of all specifications, we offer flexible options to suit your requirements.

Our trunking services include regular daily and nightly activity, facilitating efficient hub-to-depot trunking, customer collections, and return flows. With X2 (UK) offering year-round support and flexible resource allocation, we allow you to scale up or down based on your operational requirements.

From a few vehicles a day to well over a hundred, we can accommodate varying fleet sizes without any parked-up resources or residual costs. With our “dimmer switch” approach allowing you to adjust resource levels as needed—from fully on to fully off, and anywhere in between—you maintain full control over your trunking operations.



Supply of Unit and Driver only

With or without trailers of all specifications

Regular daily and nightly activity to suit your demand

Hub to depot trunking

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Return flows

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