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We Do

X2 are an independent privately owned transport and distribution company based in the Midlands but offering truly nationwide Logistics and Haulage solutions, from and to every part of the UK and into Europe.

Operating since 2003 we offer full load part load and pallet distribution able to deploy vast resources through both our 4PL partner networks and an own operated fleet.

From flexible pay as you go one-way transport solutions to dedicated core fleet operations, we support all sectors including retail, manufacturing, and the wider logistics sector. We pride ourselves in our consistent service levels, responsiveness, and flexibility to support your needs. Saving money and making your life easier is our primary focus.

See what our customers think……..

X2 have serviced many DHL accounts over 15 years, including Retail, DIY / home improvement, Automotive and Grocery.

Their ability to flex resource in line with DHL volume demand has seen X2 become a valuable asset supplementing core fleet operations.

The team at X2 are professional, well organised and always deliver a great service.

Jon Burgess - General Manager DHL Supply Chain - DHL Multiple contracts

Can we help you?

  • Transport your goods or your customer’s goods locally or nationally around the UK or into Europe?
  • Need a range of vehicle and equipment types to service your customers?
  • Have difficult or more challenging areas and locations to deliver to across the country?
  • Operate a core fleet of your own or have a main supplier who sometimes struggles to cover all of your volume?
  • Have the challenge of variations in demand within a week across a month or seasonally?
  • Manage multiple suppliers to enable you to deliver to your customers and can’t find a single provider who can or wants to do it all?
  • Use different companies to deliver different consignment sizes?

If you answered YES to any of the above X2 will be able to help you.

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Our capabilities

X2 are a successful and established third party (3PL), and fourth party (4PL) logistics service provider supporting a range of blue-chip customers across a variety of business sectors, providing a wide range of transport services including Logistics and Haulage.

  • Contract Logistics
  • Traction services
  • Trunking services
  • 4PL Transport management services
  • Transport consultancy
  • One off transport projects
  • General Haulage
  • Subcontract services
  • Courier services
  • Tramping Services
  • Network Support
  • European Road freight

We have extensive knowledge across a large and diverse range of sectors and support customers large and small in all these areas of the economy: Click to find out more…

We are equally happy to manage your full range of consignment sizes or delivery media. If you require, we will take your full order file optimise and load build and decide on the most cost-effective delivery plan covering

  • Full loads
  • Part loads
  • Multidrop
  • Single and small pallet consignments
  • Stillage and cage deliveries
  • Bulk / oversize products on flatbeds

Co-ordinated from our Central Planning office in the Midlands X2 will collect and deliver your product from any part of the UK and Europe and deliver to any destination. We have 100% nationwide coverage in every area and do not limit the services or locations we operate from. With access to multiple asset pools, we will always be able to support your requirements and can make deliveries and collections right across the country including:

  • London and the Southeast
  • Home counties
  • South coast
  • The Southwest
  • East Anglia
  • Wales
  • The Midlands
  • Yorkshire and Lancashire
  • Cumbria and the North-east
  • All of Scotland
  • All of Ireland

We tailor our solution specifically to match your needs. You specify what is the scope and specifics of the service to suit your business. This can range from an entire managed solution for all distribution including all the tasks and functions needed to deliver goods to your customers, or just the pickup and delivery of a consignment.

A fully managed solution servicing all your transport needs where we:

  • Receive all your product data and order file
  • Optimise and load plan all orders
  • Book in deliveries with your customers
  • Allocate optimal resource
  • Liaise with your warehouse to schedule and agree collections
  • Progress chase and confirm collection times
  • Track delivery to end customer
  • Advise of any delays or variations to plan
  • Deal with all post-delivery documentation and POD’s
  • Produce KPI’s to your specification
  • Produce one invoice to your specification for all work undertaken

We will however also match exactly what your requirements are which may be:

  • Certain types of shipment – i.e., just your full load’s part loads or pallets
  • Deliveries to certain regions where we assist with your deliveries to London or the Midlands for example
  • Support you at certain times of the year
  • Act only as a transport resource supplier

We can support your business requirements from the very small scale to the very large scale. We work with customers only shipping a small number of loads a week to customers shipping well over 200 loads a week and with traction only of over 120 vehicles a day at peak for one customer.

  • Small scale operations are just as valuable to us as larger scale customers
  • We can support haulage and traction customers requiring a few loads a day to 100’s of movements a week
  • We have immense flexibility and ability to respond to fluctuations in your volumes within the week, across the month or to support significant seasonal uplifts.
  • We sometimes call it the “dimmer switch” fully on, fully off or anywhere in between
  • We are very easy to do business with and happy to trade under standard RHA conditions of carriage with no contractual guarantees right through to more formal contracts with agreed KPI’s and mechanisms
  • We are quick in making decisions specialise in rapid implementations

Through our own fleet and extensive partner network we can support your requirements with a vast array of different vehicle and equipment types from 44 ton artic right down to a sprinter van

  • 44 ton artics
  • Curtain side trailers
  • Box trailers
  • Fridge trailers
  • Double deck trailers
  • Flatbeds trailers
  • Tallboy curtain side trailers
  • Tail Lift, Moffett trailers and rigids
  • 26 ton and 18 ton rigids, box and curtain side
  • 7.5 ton rigids, box and curtain side
  • Sprinter vans

Just see what our customers say......

ADM Oils

X2’s 4PL solution was an excellent fit for our needs, providing the flexibility and scalability of a multi haulier solution without the complexities of managing multiple supplier relationships. This makes our life simpler by providing a reliable service, reducing costs and overheads and ultimately, giving us a competitive advantage

The X2 team demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business, which rapidly resulted in a smooth, seamless implementation. This is something we truly value. We enjoy working with them and look forward to building a long-standing partnership

Adam Spaull Commercial Operations Manager

Yusen for Nissan

X2 have been supporting Yusen on the Nissan contract for over 5 years. They collect parts from multiple automotive suppliers in South Wales and the Midlands, change drivers and deliver to the plant in the North-east of England returning stillages and packaging to the suppliers next day with their vehicles working both day and night.

Mike Poppitt Contract Manager - Nissan Motors UK Kautex/TI

DHL Multiple contracts

X2 have serviced many DHL accounts over 15 years, including Retail, DIY / home improvement, Automotive and Grocery.

Their ability to flex resource in line with DHL volume demand has seen X2 become a valuable asset supplementing core fleet operations.

The team at X2 are professional, well organised and always deliver a great service.

Jon Burgess General Manager DHL Supply Chain

Sainsbury’s Supermarkets

With a wide range of vehicle types available within their extensive haulier pool, X2 where able to flex to our seasonal demands, providing our supply chain with stability through challenging times

Dawn Shaw Sainsbury's Supermarkets

Kent Foods Limited

Due to substantial growth within our business, we began a process to source extra support for a distribution requirement. X2 where already making regular visits to our sites, through one of our major suppliers, which made sense to engage with them.

After trail runs, it became very apparent that the knowledge and capability applied by the X2 team would make them the perfect fit for Kent Foods multi-site distribution needs.

X2 now play a major part in our distribution, plus we really enjoy working with them.

Kevin McCabe Kent Foods Head of Group Transport & Logistics


Commercial agreements

Would you enter into a risk and reward scheme?

Yes we would, as part of a wider commercial arrangement

What pricing models do you operate?

We can operate under all the following pricing models, Load rates, pallet rates, day rates, mileage rates, cubic fill rates and case rates.

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General Haulage

What is general haulage?

General haulage is the activity of transporting any type of goods by road, for hire and reward usually on behalf of a third party. General haulage is used in many different sectors including manufacturing, retail, logistics, parcel and pallet networks.

What is a general haulage vehicle?

A general haulage vehicle is generally defined by the activity of transporting general cargo on behalf of a third party. Most general haulage is carried out on articulated vehicles often utilising curtainsided trailers. However, other general haulage services might use:

  • Rigid vehicles
  • Box Trailers
  • Fridge trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Trailers with cranes 
  • Tankers
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General Questions

Can you help avoid problems arising from the Driver Shortage?

Yes as a 4PL with access to multiple asset pools in multiple locations we are uniquely placed to circumvent transport shortages arising from the well-publicised driver shortage which unfortunately is set to deteriorate further.  

Can you provide solutions based on backhaul?

True available backhaul at marginal or minimal rates where the original delivery is funding the round trip, is becoming rarer and rarer as customers are no longer prepared to fund this level of inefficiency in their supply chains. However, we pride ourselves in wherever possible matching this marginally costed resource with our customer’s activity and passing back this efficiency within our rate structures.  

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