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As an Englishman it’s not very good therapy to cast my mind back to the World cup in the summer of 2010, but for X2 it presented its own challenges and opportunities.

There we were, hoping for a barbeque summer with long hot days, a successful run from the three lions and we thought as did most of the rest of the country, a few cold beers to help the festival of football along would be a jolly good idea.

As the tournament was about to start the sales of take home canned and bottled beers and lagers rocketed and was stretching a number of companies to satisfy the demand. X2 were contacted one Thursday evening by a logistics company not then a customer, asking for rates for full load work from the Midlands to destinations nationwide, seven days a week and around the clock. We presented rates on the Friday morning and were quickly asked when we could start to take orders, keen as ever we said now! We set up an account agreed the operating processes and away we went! From that point until the following weekend we delivered just under 100 full loads without a hitch.

Volumes stayed at around the same level for the next two weeks until that fateful match against Germany……………..and then the demand literally “dried up” overnight – depressing on all counts.

However, X2 are still a key partner supporting that customer more than a year later for all the volume not serviced by their core fleet into the South-east, South-west and the South Midlands, some 10 to 30 loads a day on a fully committed basis.

So I suppose perhaps every cloud does have a silver lining…………