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X2 deliver “Blownhenge”!

By Ady | Apr, 24, 2012 | Latest News

X2 were delighted to be recently asked to transport an amazing art installation from the specialist manufacturer Inflatable World in Nottingham to its unveiling at the Glasgow arts festival. Designed by Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller the 20ft high “bouncy castle” version of the prehistoric monolith Stonehenge, was temporarily erected in the Glasgow City centre park in a brief preview before its official unveiling as a key part of the 18-day contemporary visual arts festival. Entitled “Sacrilege”, the work is Deller’s first major public project in Scotland. After its display in Glasgow, it will be taken to London, where it will be displayed during the Olympic Games.

It was designed using detailed plans of the Salisbury monument and took two months to make thanks to the efforts of the team at Inflatable World Leisure, who built the first ever bouncy castles in the UK. X2 were contacted by Inflatable World Leisure to arrange the shipment under strict secrecy as Jeremy Deller had prior to its official unveiling, refused to talk openly about Sacrilege. In a recent interview he said: “The public can go on it, as it were. The public can interact with it. It’s a big public thing, in a public place.” And if the pictures are anything to go by, both young and the young at heart had a fantastic time exploring Sacrilege!