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Flushed with success – X2 relocates a bathroom warehouse

By Ady | Aug, 08, 2011 | Latest News

Like most businesses many of our customers need a service for their day to day business requirements which is constant throughout the year, but on occasion  something happens that is very much a one off project.  This could be a seasonal requirement, a new product launch, a range change or even a product recall.

One such project we undertook recently was the relocation of a warehouse operation for an internet based  bathroom products supplier from their existing warehouse provider in the South Midlands to their own new facility in the North-west.

The initial brief was to move an estimated 12 to 15 full loads of palletised product on standard trailers on a one way basis. This was a very straightforward request which X2 could easily fulfil. However once the customer’s project team started evaluating the stock and the best way to move it, cheap nfl jerseys online free shipping the requirement changed quite significantly. Preparing to move full bathroom suites, with shower enclosures and the associated fixtures and fittings meant the actual volume of stock and its loading and handling characteristics increased the requirement to nearly 100 loads!

Once we visited the site and discussed the requirement in more detail we came up with a plan utilising Double Deck trailers which although more expensive to operate, actually reduced cheap nfl jerseys the number of loads by more than half the proposed number to 45, mitigating significant costs for the client.

We carried out the entire relocation for the customer on time and to budget.

Overall a nice clean job!